Testimonials - Teacher


Therapeutic Aromatherapist and Reflexologist

Wendy's facilitation is outstanding! She is knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated to her work. Her Integrating Presilience model of the 10 Streams of Intelligence and how they lead to developing resilience is inspiring in its simplicity while also being comprehensively profound.  She makes resilience understandable and shows participants how they are able to develop it. Her workshops are fun, inspirational and impactful. Participants leave motivated and knowing what to do next, with a positive action step in place. Because she has been involved in fields as diverse as education and law she has the ability to communicate to a diverse audience.  Wendy uses many learning styles, including dialogue and interaction which, being experiential, makes for better understanding and integration.  Highly recommended.

Vernita van Niekerk

Artist / Life Alignment / Community Development

Timing...! This was perfect timing for me! Wendy's 7 week Power of Presilience program has been a catalyst of great change and growth for me. The lessons...the releasing.... the tools given to me by Wendy during this period, cradled and equipped me to live out this metamorphosis with freshly honed skills in resilience or ''Presilience'' I should say. Wendy has many gifts and talents.  Teaching and coaching are two.  I believe what Wendy teaches should be taught at schools or in the work place, that's how important I feel Wendy's work is to communities. I am stronger and more empowered thanks to this course and feel I can practise and develop these skills myself in the future. Infact they have already worked and filtered into most areas of my life. Learning to be present and applying these skills in this fast-paced and harsh world is by no means easy but a challenge accepted based on my own self worth and re-tweaking of my value system through the duration of Wendy's program. Being mindful moment to moment, has unleashed a great power within myself and I already witnessed how this effects even people around me.  This was a important gift, at a important time. Thank you for your serendipitous way Wendy Ward!

Michelle Bestwick


Wendy’s wisdom and coaching is truly exceptional! From the moment that I started the Power of Presilience course, huge shifts started taking place on many levels. I felt and continue to feel, a deep sense of happiness, presence and awareness of new possibilities and ways of being. However before starting with Wendy, I felt stuck in my personal patterns, responses and that of my career development. I felt resigned that on some level things would not change, could not change, as I found that I kept experiencing similar obstacles. Now, having finished this program with Wendy, I find that I am able to implement what she taught into my decisions and awareness, and for the first time I have a real sense of things moving forward. Gems of wisdom and awareness are given with much humour, honesty, depth and passion! The group coaching greatly strengthened this, giving connection, confidence and shared experience. I highly recommend the Presilience course to anyone wanting to thrive, to live in happiness, presence, and actualise potential!

Martin Gevers

Music Teacher and Coach

Thank you for the beauty and presence with which you held a safe space throughout the past 6 modules. Wendy took us on a journey along a carefully laid out path which was certainly well travelled by me.  Wendy's dedication and insight into her subject were evident in the way she conveyed her message to us during the Power of Presilience Program. This 6 week course allowed me to dig really deep and led me into those parts of me that hid beneath those limiting beliefs that automatically showed up in challenging situations. My new understanding of resilience, on many levels, has given me a much greater awareness towards mindfulness and also the courage to live my life more fully as ME. Presiliently!"

Solveig McCormick


When the pupil is ready the teacher appears. I found Wendy's course on the Internet at a time in my life when I was lost, depressed and frantically searching. After the second session I began to look forward to a FUTURE. Wendy is an awesome coach and a true soul. Thank you Wendy, for guiding me to understand my blessings. Namaste.


Online Content Producer and Social Media Strategist

The shifts/changes/learning I experienced during this course were profound and insightful.  Wendy was inspired and engaged and allowed all participants to feel safe to free to experience and share any insights and 'aha' moments that emerged during the course. I am enriched and more empowered to live a more meaningful life through it lifting so many veils around our limiting beliefs. I highly recommend this course with gratitude.

Kerene Miller

Registered Nurse

Power of Presilience was a truly powerful  journey that Wendy took us on during a relatively short space of time. The course far outshone my expectations. I had been mourning the part of me that was lost due to my divorce and changed circumstances and blamed it on all sorts of things, generally choosing  to be helpless about it. During the course my thinking gradually changed and I have emerged into a much happier more hopeful space.  Thank you and bless you, Wendy, for appearing in my life when you did.


Independent Life coach

I thoroughly enjoyed the way Wendy presented this workshop on Integrating Presilience. The content was informative and provocative and Wendy presented with ease.  I really appreciated her authenticity. I  was curious about the name of the workshop and loved the idea of integrating 10 streams of intelligence to form a “new”  presilience strength. I am well aware of the importance of integrating body, mind, heart and spirit when dealing with change or when achievement is desired, but this workshop gave me a useful framework to work with. I left with greater awareness of the various resilience skills we all possess in different degrees. It enabled me to see at a glance which skills are already well developed and where more growth was needed.  Awesome and highly recommended.

Sam Fouche

Digital Marketing Agency

Thanks to the Power of Presilience Program,  today my business is thriving. I have an amazing brand, the most amazing team and amazing clients. I could not have done this without Wendy. At first Wendy’s program was hard! This was because I knew I had to wake up and do it, LIFE! Then in the weeks that followed things became slightly easier because Wendy gave us tools to use that would assist us through the process of change. They were simple tools, not out there or impossible tools, realistic and logical tools. Life did not change immediately, else I would have written this then.  But as I learnt to practice what Wendy has taught, things changed. My staff, clients and family have her to thank for all the amazing stuff we do today.

Naren Sewpaul

Director at Creative Futures Consulting

Wendy Ward is a creative thinker who approaches her work with integrity and capacity to bring out the best in individuals and groups. The talk Wendy gave on The Art of Science of Resilience was thought-provoking and offered fresh insights. Wendy was dynamic, well-prepared, confident and open to engaging at all times with the audience. What I took away with me was a feeling of certainty about the possibilities relevant to my personal growth and professional development.

Wren Dry

Dog Walker/House Sitter/Gardener

Before starting Wendy's course I was in a very negative place. I found my thoughts overwhelming and stressful. The Power of Presilience 6 week program has given me the tools to help manage my negativity by becoming aware of my thinking patterns and the language I use every day.  I now see I can choose to change these thoughts to more positive ones. Hopefully this will soon become second nature.  It is not an easy process and you need to be committed to the journey. I am thankful to Wendy as I am now hopeful that I have a life ahead that is full of happiness, acceptance and success. I enjoyed the safe space created by Wendy during our sessions allowing us to be our true selves and spend time with ourselves really thinking about what we want and where we are trying get to. It it is not often in life you have the opportunity to do this!

Kym Jackson

Sales and Marketing Manager

Wendy presented an incredibly well received session on "Resilience For Women In Leadership" for Symphonia Leadership Development. Wendy produces and facilitates sessions that are informative and motivating and has deep knowledge on her subject.


Leadership Coach

I am very pleased I made the time to participate in this morning workshop with Wendy. I love how she has blended three powerful concepts (presence, brilliance and resilience) into her very own unique, innovative and imaginative model of 'Integrating Presilience'. While there was only time for a cursory overview of her coaching model, Wendy provided enough information, and raised many engaging questions to support my own on-going inquiry and learning. I am sufficiently intrigued and curious to appropriate aspects of her model into my own coaching practice - both for my own self-development as a coach, and for the benefit of my coachees. I was reminded afresh that 'resilience' is a wonderful gift and resource that each of us has by virtue of being 'human''. What we often need is our own growth in awareness of this fact, as well as learning to embody this gift and resource into our daily lives, whatever the situations we find ourselves in. Wendy provides very helpful tools in this regard. I highly recommend Wendy's workshop for any coach, facilitator or educator.


Herbalist and Nutritionalist

The Power of Presilience Program highlighted the thinking and action required to ensure maximum flexibility without compromising boundaries or self. It taught me that there are many ways of resolving issues and tackling problems, but primarily that knowing what I really, really, really wanted was movement in action, a continuous progression and refinement to finding solutions and giving substance to dreams. I am in that process now. So yes, things have shifted. The contents of this program  have continued to sit with me, in a positive way. If you want to have fun, if you want to explore your psyche in a non-threatening, safe and contained way, if you want to open up to yourself and others, if you want a challenge, if you want to consolidate you’re thinking then this course is for you. Wendy will stretch you into action, laughter, playfulness and seriousness whilst honouring your divine self. This course is for everyone who wants to make a change and doesn’t think they have the right tools at hand. Wendy teaches you that you have everything you need to move forward.


Career and Organisational Coach

I experienced Wendy's "Integrating Presilience" Workshop, to be holistic, informative, accessible and inspiring. Wendy shares her content generously. I discovered new and greater awareness within myself with regard to my strengths and developmental needs in each of the ten streams of intelligence and believe that this has given me, and my clients, many new possibilities for our future coaching conversations. Wendy's facilitation style is warm, holistic, inclusive and well as well-researched, informative and accessible.

Kym Jackson

Strategic Business Development

During my amazing 6 week process, I learned to tap into various intelligences and make resilient choices about how I connect and communicate in the world.  I have become conscious about self-talk and the power that it has when I am present and conscious.  Presilience covers so many aspects of daily life that I found myself re-thinking time-management, my unconscious rituals, being purposeful and persistent, being open to knowledge, advice and assistance while consciously focussing on my strengths and what is important.  I would recommend this workshop to everyone who feels that they need an injection of focus, energy and direction in their lives; want to focus on what happiness and success is and how to live a fuller and more meaningful life.


Leadership Development Coach and Facilitator

We were mostly strangers to start off with but Wendy’s excellent facilitation soon created an atmosphere of trust & enabled us to engage fully with the concepts and integrate them into our own frame of reference, as well as to contribute fully to group discussion. This workshop was relevant and extremely valuable. The way Wendy presented resilience enabled me to recognise and affirm the resilience strengths that I have built up over my life experience. The 10 KEYS were fascinating and it was so useful to see them as separate fields, each one complementing the other and how intra and inter-dependent they are. I think this will help me more clearly identify trends and patterns in clients and support them to build on their strengths, while working on their gaps.  The Integrating Presilience Framework is most useful, as it pulls everything together in a coherent, integrated manner.

Dr Kate Joyner

Senior Lecturer Faculty of Health Sciences at Stellenbosch University

I asked Wendy to run a Resilience Workshop for + - 60 of my mature psychiatric nurses.  You can imagine, these are men and women who are involved in highly stressful work environments.  The feedback and benefits of this day were so great that I asked Wendy and her co-facilitator to come back the following term.  Here are some comments from my students:
  • * This workshop helped me understand better what I was not aware of before.
  • * We feel empowered. We have all left with skills, strength and ability to deal with the situations we face.
  • * This workshop was informative, insightful and meaningful. It raised our self-awareness about positive psychology and our inner ability to overcome adversities. Many of us became realised that we already possessed the knowledge and skills we needed without being aware of it. My key learning was becoming more aware of and understanding mindfulness.
  • * This day was of great value because of the “participative interactions” that were present. My key learning was that my beliefs can influence my behaviour.
  • * We left feeling SO GOOD!!!
  • * This workshop was fantastic and eye-opening.
  • * This was so interesting. We gained such valuable knowledge and skills. On top of that, I learnt about myself, my strengths and that I am actually already resilient.  This was confirming.
  • * We left with confidence and positive self-esteem!
  • * This was interesting as we learnt how to apply resilience. It made us more aware of how to respond to different life situations and challenges. It was informative and relevant to our everyday lives and our profession.
  • * I left with great gratitude.
  • * The facilitators were EXCELLENT!
  • * This lifted our spirits!
  • * We are better equipped, inspired and motivated!
  • * We learnt a lot about ourselves and how we deal with stressful situations.
  • * This was a very meaningful and enriching day. Please come back.
Here are some of the words my very diverse students used to describe Wendy and Suzanne: Real guides * friendly * helpful * full of energy * active * skilful * practical * realistic * very professional while leaving space for spontaneity and growth * knowledgeable * excellent * warm and fun *  well-prepared * passionate * “with it” * flexible * courageous motivators * modelled resilience for us


Teacher and Educator

I am currently coaching members of School Management Teams in Western Cape and Eastern Cape schools where enormous challenges confront leaders and educators as they seek to contribute positively and innovatively within their respective school and community situations. I am convinced that partnering with educators and inviting them to tap into and draw on their own rich experiences and resilience as human beings and educators more creatively and effectively can be enormously liberating and transformative for them as well as those in their care, i.e. the learners. What Wendy offers in her workshop, in my view, is highly suitable and will certainly contribute much to the growth and development of educators at any level.