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1st Mar 2017
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When you think you have employed some one to help you set up a new website and realise you have a hired a saint.

I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag, but….

Shawn Fouche is the bees knees, the ellipsis to my ignorance, the man who wins the crown for patience, pragmatism and creativity.  Yes, all three of those qualities, and so many more, all in one Engineer!

So who is Shawn Fouche and why am I writing my first ever Presilience Blog about him? 

This is what Shawn says about himself:

I am an engineer by profession and bring a logical and structured approached to the overall online media creation. As an Online and Social Media Practitioner I deliver insights, strategies, plans and solutions using media technologies and their impact on how companies communicate with their customers. Research, exploration and development of new and emerging technologies and applications is my passion and an integral and ongoing part of what I do. shawn@socialmediasolutions.co.za

This is from Shawn’s Blog Signature which I located on his website.  And he is right – this is exactly what he does. And, by the way, not only is he right, but he can write! But, like his qualities, there is so much more to Shawn and working with him on this website has been an absolute pleasure.

A couple of years back, when I was still living in Cape Town, I was part of a Speaker’s Mastermind group with author and speaker, Charlotte Kemp, and AIDS activist  and author, Cindy Pivacic.  I see from Charlotte’s latest blog that this Mastermind Group has borne even more fruit and is flourishing.  Both of these awesome ladies were clients of Shawn Fouche. And, of course, they spoke highly of him.

I am so glad they let the cat out of the bag.

Let me tell you the story.  The short story, not the long story.  Not this time.  Promise.

In what I call a “warrior moment”, I had a deep and intuitive “knowing” that that I had to leave my beloved Cape Town and head north for Joburg. Within three weeks of making my decision, I had found tenants for my tiny art deco flat, packed up, down-scaled – yet again, signed a lease on a flat in Joburg that I had never seen, said good-byes to very surprised friends and set off, in my car, on an epic 3-day journey.

This is what Carlos Castaneda says about such moments

All of us, whether or not we are warriors, have a cubic centimetre of chance that pops out in front of our eyes from time to time.  The difference between an average man and a warrior is that the warrior is aware of this, and one of his tasks is to be alert, deliberately waiting, so that when his cubic centimetre pops out he has the necessary speed, the prowess, to pick it up.

And so, with two beautiful sons heading off into the big wide world, I found myself heading off to a new city.

I left the Mother City for the City of Gold.

I had been studying A Course of Miracles for a whole year previous to this event and was already on a “journey of evolution”,  learning to listen to and trust “my truth”.  So this, for me, was an act of faith but also a joyful process of creating new realities.

It was clear that, in this emerging landscape, not only was I re-inventing myself but my work was transforming too. What I did, in Cape Town, was not the same now.  I was a new person.  My environment was totally different. It was clear that I needed to observe the culture of this new city. For those of you that know Otto Scharmer’s work, I was fully in the U-Process.  I need to observe carefully to see how my work wanted to emerge.  This too was an act of faith and a beautiful creative process.

I shall be writing a lot about this.  For now, and to take the story back to Shawn…

The translation of this emergence for me, in business terms, was a total re-brand! Cool.  Bring it on.

I contacted Shawn.  He was based in Pretoria.  I can’t remember exactly where we met but I can remember every word of our first conversation.  I am a Coach – I am used to selling my services, having Chemistry Sessions with new, prospective clients.  Shawn was in a league of his own. So genuine, attentive, realist and honest.  He was clear about what he could offer and how we could work together. I didn’t think twice.  I just knew Shawn was the man to take me on this journey. A journey, I knew, we would travel together.

I meet with Shawn weekly for a three month period.  Every Wednesday morning I would drive my 40 mins to Midrand.  Shawn and I would set up laptops, order coffee, chat a bit about the world and then get to work.  He was coaching me on the basics of Social Media. And he was building my website.   This website.

For a long while I could not see anything happening.  I had set out my entire year’s calendar around our completion dates.  A couple of times I cancelled events because we just weren’t ready.  This was fine, it was all part of the learning process.

Then Yolander Brand, my extraordinary graphic guru came onboard and we became a team.

This was extraordinary.

We were Team Presilience.

There were many existential moments – months actually.  Who the hell was I?  What was my business? Was I Metamorphic Coaching or Wendy Ward? What did I “lead” with?  Who were my ideal clients? Now?  Today?  Here? Was I a coach or a facilitator, a perception and possibility partner, initiator, mentor or guide? Could I coach and teach?  Where was the line?

And where was Presilience?  What was Presilience?  What was Presilience, the brand?  Presilience seemed to have, and still has, a life of it’s own!  Was it the name of my book or was it a philosophy, a technology, a quality or a map?

This delicious schizophrenic thinking was carefully and skillfully held, all the while, by Shawn.  Ultimately, this process led me to the place where I was able to create my truth, my passion, my bliss – and these are the Events and Programs that you see today on my website.

Shawn kept me grounded.  He held me accountable. He reminded me constantly that my website was being built to generate business.  It had to work for me. He answered every question I had with a measured mix of logic and openness to possibility.  He kept me focused on best practice and was happy to push the envelope.  He supported me fully in my vision.  He worked on solutions.  He was challenged by the project – how to do a re-brand by combining brands.  But he got me.  He got my complexity.  He got my offerings.  He got what I was about. He got ME!

As we worked more closely to our deadline, he kept his cool, his absolute civility.  He answered my every mail.  Saw to every detail. Consistent, is Shawn, totally consistent. Available, engaged and truly humble.

I can’t thank Shawn enough – not only for what he has done, but for who he is.

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