Reconnect and Recollect – A New Perspective

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Until your first Weekend in the Waterberg

starting Friday 26th August 2014 until Sunday 28th August 2016

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What is this weekend about?

This weekend is all about RECONNECTING and RECOLLECTING!

This is a unique opportunity to RECONNECT with yourself, your surrounds, and the system. This weekend offers you a chance to re-align your head with your heart and hands. A time to excite your imagination, refresh your intuition and restore your natural intelligence.

As we ride together in the bush we will connect with our horses and the environment. As we adventure together we will test our courage and learn to trust. As we eat, swim, steam, learn and laugh together, we will reconnect with our truth.

This is a unique chance to RECOLLECT (or gather) the fragmented pieces of ourselves and come back to what I call our Unique Centre of Presilience. We will take both an inward journey and an outward journey. I trust we will return to our roles and responsibilities having experienced a degree of expansiveness and joy and with a reminder of who we are when we are not so scattered.
Recollection makes me present to myself by bringing together two aspects, or activities, of my being as if they were two lens of a telescope. One lens is the basic semblance of my spiritual being, the inward soul, the deep will, the spiritual intelligence. The other is my outward soul, the will engaged in the activities of life.

Thomas Merton

Who are these weekends for?

Men and women, young and old, wannabe adventurers and alchemists. For horse and bush lovers and for city dwellers who are fed up with their own excuses.

How can I tell if that is me?


You are stretched. You feel fragmented. There are too many hats to wear, too many roles to play, too many fires to put out. And you never signed up for fireman! You empty you inbox. It fills up again. You don’t admit it - because you are strong – but life is draining. Sure, there are happy moments. Sure, there is success. BUT, the pop up box that you ignore very well is saying “Meh! Is this all there is?” There is SO much more you want to do, be and become but there isn’t the time or energy to go there. So you opt for the safe, the sofa, the known and the comfortable.

Meanwhile your heart is yearning for the outdoors, for space, for adventure, for friendship, for the re-kindling of love, for self-expression, for significance.

Bottom line is you are gatvol of not having time to do what you would love, resentful of your responsibilities and just wanting TIME OUT to think, to breathe, to be…

To reconnect, renew, re-align, restore, recollect

Re-invent, even.

What are you waiting for?

  • Vaalwater
  • Vaalwater
  • Vaalwater

Journey into the unknown

Think of this weekend as an journey into the unknown.
As your Perception and Possibility Partner for the weekend, I will be holding the space for us to say YES to Life!

How does that sound?

What is the Story?

There are three parts to this story…

History Icon Grey1

Firstly, this is a story about history

I was born in the UK but my parents grew up in South Africa. My mum grew up in a town called Vaalwater. The place I shall be taking you was her home and the home of her mother before that. The trees you see in this picture were planted by my grandmother. My parents moved to the UK in the 60s and my happiest memories, growing up, are of the handful of times we visited South Africa for family holidays. My own personal love affair for this country started here. It was also the dawning of my social awareness as I started to explore and study the history of South Africa.

During this weekend we will look at how you can start to shape your own personal history.
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Secondly, it is a story about home

In 2000, at the turn of the new Millennium, I left my home in the UK and moved to Cape Town with two toddlers, a suitcase, a few books and some pebbles from Brighton beach. We made South Africa our home.

Today both my sons are in their 20's and are on their own adventures. Last year, faced with an empty nest, I sensed that it was time to move on. Guided by my intuition I downscaled again and moved from the Mother City to the City of Gold. Joburg became home. Everything lined up in extraordinary ways and I have not looked back!

Two Big Moves. Two huge decisions. Both times, although not easy, I had no doubt that I was doing “the right thing”.

How could I be so sure?

Because this was my truth, because I trusted this truth and because I was prepared to follow through on this truth.

We all have a remarkably accurate inner GPS. Most of us haven’t been taught to use it. We don’t know where the Home Setting is.

This place of knowing and trusting your intuition is what I call coming Home to your Truth.

During this weekend we will reconnect with our courage and explore this place of knowing and trusting our intuition; coming home to our truth.
Love Icon Grey3

Thirdly, it’s a story about love…

Creating from Love, Actually
What do I mean by this?

When I arrived in Joburg I was very aware that I was letting go of all my old structures which included the very work I did and the way I was working. What did my work “look like” in Johannesburg? What was wanting to emerge in this different environment? From this different me? And so I dared to ask myself the Ultimate Question. What would I love?

The answer surprised me with in its simplicity. I love the bush. I love adventure. I love horses. I love elephants. I love teaching.

The next step was obvious.

Shake and stir.

So I imagined what I would do if I could combine those elements together.

This is my chance to practice my own alchemy. As I do this I am connecting to my heart, to what I love. I am Creating From Love. Imagine how inspiring that is. I get to do what I love – which is to work with YOU: to teach, coach, empower, challenge and inspire. You get to SLOW DOWN, reflect, re-connect and re-collect. We get to share this adventure with each other and to have an epic learning experience that won’t be easily forgotten.

All well and good, but what is the actual low down?

So here’s how we will roll (obviously finer details will follow when you sign up) :


  • We meet atLeafy Green Restaurant and Café in Muldersdrift on at 10.00. We meet eat each other, check in and have coffee or fresh juices and a wonderful, organic brunch.
  • You receive a gift from me – a CD to play in your car as we journey in convoy to Vaalwater – about 2.5 hours from Johannesburg
  • We arrive at the Zeederberg Cottages.
  • Refreshments will be waiting
  • Presilience Time (this is facilitated time with me)
  • Swim and Steam
  • Supper and Socialising


  • Yummy breakfast and fresh coffee awaits us nice and early
  • We take our second journey down some dust roads – to the farm where Carla Luccason lives with her beloved herd of horses. We will ride with her. You will hear her story.
  • Lunch at The Syringa
  • Rest
  • Presilience Time
  • Supper and Story Telling


  • Yummy breakfast and fresh coffee
  • Shopping time at The Black Mamba
  • We take our third journey to Elephant Adventure You will hear the remarkable story of this family and the love and respect for the elephant they nurture.
  • Lunch will be served
  • Presilience Time
  • We take our final journey home

Sounds fantastic, right?

Early Bird Investment - R3,500

Standard Cost is R4,500 per person. You will save R1,000 if you sign up by Monday 11th April 2016.
Early Bird Booking

Standard Investment - R4,500

If you book after Monday 11th April 2016 the cost will be R4,500 per person.
Standard Booking


This includes

  • Brunch at Leafy Green
  • Accomodation for 2 nights at Zeederberg Cottages
  • All you meals and refreshments
  • Swimming and steam facilities
  • 2 hour outride with Carla Luccasson from savannah horse trails
  • Lunch at Syringa Cafe

This does not include

  • Petrol and car travel to and from Vaalwater
  • Toll fees on route
  • Elephant Encounter (which at this stage is optional)
If you are still hesitating, ask yourself one last question; What have you been longing for?
  • a chance to breathe,
  • to re-charge,
  • to connect to nature,
  • to be on the back of a horse in the bush,
  • to have a safe and respectful encounter with an extraordinary and intelligent animals,
  • to have the opportunity to experience and learn something new
  • to meet fellow wanna-be adventures
  • to experience a safe and totally confidential coaching container where you feel free to be and to express yourself
If you have yes to even three of these things – don’t hesitate a minute longer


Wendy Ward

Personal Coach and Guide

+27 (0)83 412 8070

What qualifies me to do this work?  And, why would you trust me to take you into the bush for a whole weekend, ride horses with you, share stories, food, teaching and processes with you?  These are good questions.  I have thought long and hard about the answer!

I COULD highlight the following

  • my law background, my various qualifications in education and 20 years of experience as a Teacher
  • the lessons I have learnt from 22 years of single motherhood and the joy I have experienced being Mother to my two sons
  • a wealth of personal experiences together with my commitment to my own learning and expertise as a Resilience and Leadership Coach
  • witnessing the alchemy that exists in my transformative work as a Perception and Possibility Partner and seeing, consistently over the years, the profound shifts my clients have made
  • the positive, generative and consistent responses I receive from my Talks and Workshops, in my role as Facilitator, together with  testimonials from the Power of Presilience Group Coaching programs I have facilitated in the past
  • my dedication, as Guide and Initiator, to co-creating powerful End Results in synergistic and collaborative partnerships
  • my passion for Presilience and the various interviews and podcasts which reflect my own evolution as a Thought Leader

BUT the answer to the above question why should you trust me is far more simple and stems from my heart. I am on this planet to coach, teach, empower, challenge and inspire.  This is my dharma or purpose. That IS my work.  This program, RECONNECT & RECOLLECT, is the expression of my creative drive. It holds the key to my own evolution. It is my act of service.  And moreover, I cannot teach or share what I have not learnt or embodied. Nor can I teach without YOU. You are part of my purpose and potential. I am qualified to take you on this journey because I have been on this journey myself. Working with YOU  allows ME to express my genius.  And part of my genius is to connect you to yours !

For some of you, there will be a strong, existing resonance. You will check your diaries and bank accounts and come back with a confident YES. Right time, right place, right guide. You know you are ready and that this will give you the sense and spaciousness you are looking for.  Others of you may want a little more information. Which is fine.  If this is you can I encourage you to jump onto my About Me page and have a squizz at my official stuff. Think about it. But most of all, listen to your heart and trust yourself.  This little thing called TRUST, by the way, will be at the heart of this program.
How can I go forward when I don't know which way I'm facing
How can I go forward when I don't know which way to turn ~ John Lennon