Presilience is an optimal state of knowing, seeing and being which enables us to thrive and evolve in times of seismic paradigm change.

I am the Creatrix of Presilience and a Preslience Coach.

The Presilience Framework and the Presilience Formula are designed to create the following results.

You will

  • increase your self-awareness and learn to trust your truth
  • shift your consciousness and experience life with greater joy and spaciousness
  • manage uncertainty and precarious times with agility and confidence
  • make more aligned choices that will lead to greater joy, abundance and bliss
  • increase your innate and collective intelligence
  • experience yourself as the predominant creative force in your life
  • explore your true nature and purpose
  • start to re-define your circumstances and re-invent your stories - directing your life through mastering your perception
  • experience sustained levels of happiness and well-being
  • no longer recognise the person you were one year ago, 6 months ago, even a few days ago!
This is freaking awesome.

And totally possible.

Have a look at my beautifully designed and informative Slide Share Presentation below.

Presilience as a Navigational System

The Resilience Dashboard

Theme: A Shift in Perception

Central Objective: Move from a Reactive Orientation to a Resonant Orientation

The Brilliance Dashboard

Theme: A Shift in Focus

Central Objective: Move from a Contracted Orientation to a Creative Orientation

The Presence Dashboard

Theme: A Shift in Paradigm

Central Objective: Move from an Ego Orientation to an Essence Orientation

How we can work together

If, reading this, something has caught your attention, listen carefully. If your heart or gut is calling you to this work, don’t hesitate to contact me. We will take it one step at a time. Some of the questions we will explore at the outset are
  • Would you prefer to work with me 1:1 and if so would you prefer a short or long impact coaching program?
  • Are you after a once-off, intensive and powerful VIP Coaching Session, either half day or full day? If you are not sure, we can talk about this. Drop me a message now.
  • If you are part of a group would you like me to develop a program for your group?
  • Would you like me to speak at your Event?
  • Can I present to your team? What are the exact needs of your team? How can I help you achieve your team End Results?
  • Do you want to know any more about my Upcoming Events? These are incredible programs which I am hosting throughout the year? You can book directly online!
  • Would you or a small “executive” group like to join me on a unique, custom-designed coaching and horse-riding road trip into the bush? This is beautiful and intensive work – my most intimate space – but truly transformational.
  • Where are you physically? How comfortable are you with Skype sessions?
  • Would an Online Presilience Program suit you better?
  • What feature of Presilience resonates with you – which of the three Dashboards holds the most appeal?
  • Do you want to join the Presilience Community? If so, don’t forget to join here.
  • Have you picked up my free e-Guide? Don’t forget! I would love to hear your comments and feedback!
My work is highly flexible and models resilience. I cannot and would not consider super imposing a program on you, your team, your organisation without fully appreciating what it is you are looking for. That takes a conversation. So, let’s have a conversation.