Metamorphic is the name of my coaching business which I established directly after I qualified as a professional coach with the Integral Coaching Centre in 2001.

I love language and chose the name Metamorphic for my business because of the meaning of the words “meta”, “morph” and “metamorphic”


something more comprehensive; of a  higher order or stage of development;  a position beyond


From the Greek “morphos” -  to form.  Hence, in cinematography, to alter or change an image from one form into another


under conditions of great heat and pressure, to undergo a complete change of form, structure and substance; a transformation

I ask powerful questions for a living.  Here are a few “metamorphic” questions for you to ponder right now:

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  • What is beyond where you are at present?  What is the future that is wanting to emerge?
  • What does evolutionary leadership mean to you?
  • Are you prepared forchange or transformation in your life or business?
  • What is holding you back from having a higher level of awareness?
  • What would change if your thinking were of a  higher order?
  • Do you need to alteror change an image or perception of yourself, another or an event?
  • How do you respond, as a leader, when the heat or pressureis on?  How can you learn to thrive and evolve in times of challenge, change and uncertainty?

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful, collaborative partnership which supports and empowers you in moving from where you are to where you want to be. The coaching process enables you to do, accomplish and become more than you may have done on your own by asking powerful, incisive questions and listening with high levels of attentiveness.

As a coach I will feed back, or mirror, what I see and hear, feel and sense. I will challenge you and hold you accountable with curiosity and without judgement. I may advise, make suggestions, help with brainstorming but will never tell, dictate or demand. With the belief that you are creative, resourceful and whole I will help you find answers and solutions that work for you while recognising that only you are the expert of your life and/or business. It is not my job to “fix” you or the situation. You do not need fixing!

As an experienced coach I am able to help you identify limiting assumptions and conditioned beliefs that may be hindering your route to success. I may invite you to see from fresh perspectives and become more open to possibility and you may find yourself telling a new and far more empowering story about your life and leadership discarding an old story which no longer serves you.

It is vital that this is done in a safe and confidential space. It is absolutely essential that you feel totally free to bring the whole of yourself to your coaching sessions: the good, the bad and the ugly and that you feel fully assured that there is no judgement. Coaching is a space where you do not have to have the answers; you do not have to sound intelligent or together. It is my job to pull out the themes from the complexity, to encourage your “exploration” whilst still holding the process enabling you to reach the objectives of each session and the goals of the coaching program.

An excellent coach will create a “thinking environment” giving you the opportunity

  • to stop, face your fears, get honest with yourself, ask some important questions about who you are, what you really want and how powerful you really want to be – then start investing in yourself and your future
  • to extend your awareness through observation practices, new breathing techniques, mindfulness and meditation
  • to learn to pause and respond rather than react and so make more empowered choices
  • to think, observe, reflect, focus attention and make meaning
  • recognise and shift thinking patterns and states of being
  • to explore, be curious and act on your own unique insights
  • see what is holding you back
  • develop new calibrated practices to embed new habits
  • take action, reflect on your action, learn from your action and take fresh action

The definition of the International Coach Federation (ICF)

“Professional coaching is an on-going relationship that helps people (and teams) produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organisations.  Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their relationships and enhance the quality of their lives.  Coaching accelerates the client’s progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice.  Coaching concentrates on where clients are now and what they are willing to do to get where they want to be in the future.  Results are a matter of the client’s intentionschoices and actions, supported by the coach’s efforts and the application of the coaching process.”

What coaching is not

Coaching is not mentoring, training, teaching, fixing, consulting, advising, being the expert, counselling or therapy.

What is the difference between Coaching and Therapy?

According to the ICF, the difference between the two can be described as follows:

Coaching is forward moving and future focused. Therapy, on the other hand, deals with healing pain, dysfunction and conflict within an individual or a relationship between two or more individuals. The focus is often on resolving difficulties arising from the past which hamper an individual’s emotional functioning in the present, improving overall psychological functioning, and dealing with present life and work circumstances in more emotionally healthy ways. Therapy outcomes often include improved emotional/feeling states. While positive feelings/emotions may be a natural outcome of Coaching, the primary focus is on creating actionable strategies for achieving specific goals in one’s work or personal life. The emphasis in a coaching relationship is on action, accountability and follow through.

Roles and Responsibilities of Coach and Client

What can you expect of me and what I can expect of myself?

What can I expect of you and what can you expect of yourself?

To understand more about the Roles and Responsibilities of a Coach and Client click here to view and download this document.

Are you ready for Coaching? Are we a good fit?

The “coaching dance” or journey is most powerful when there is both “fit” and “readiness”.  In other words, the coaching process works best where there is trust, rapport, compatibility AND readiness to be super honest and play full out!

All my clients are asked to complete a Coach Readiness Questionnaire.  To see some of the questions I ask my prospective clients to test for mutual fit and readiness please click here.

What is the cost of Coaching

This could be one of the most powerful decisions you make. Coaching is an investment in self, an investment in your team or business – but more –  the changes you will make during a Coaching Program are guaranteed to have a positive and profound impact not only on others around you but in the environment and on the system as a whole!

Click Here to download your Initial Investment Inquiry document.

As they say, change happens one person at a time, one room at a time, one conversation at a time!

At the tipping point, so we begin to see paradigm change.  This is evolution!

So the ultimate challenge for you and your business is this:

Flourish or Flounder?

Thrive or Survive?

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  • My “VIP” extended coaching session with Wendy was exceptionally beneficial, providing me with a clearer perspective into my own ambitions, motives and inhibiting beliefs. With this greater awareness of self, I find I am better equipped to make appropriate decisions for my future, with crisp motivation to do so. Wendy was professional, insightful and engaging. Most importantly, she empowered me to move immediately into action: I felt as if Wendy ensured that I would gain as much value as possible from our single interaction. I will certainly look to meet with her again to check in on the vision that she facilitated through our workshop. I fully recommend Wendy to any person, no matter what their ambition or circumstances, who is looking to grow collaboratively through a coaching environment. The experience has certainly given me greater drive, awareness and purpose.
    Chartered Accountant
  • What did I get from my coaching with Wendy? More than I can describe but in a nutshell a lot of freedom, wisdom and the right combination of the push and support. Wendy helped me connect to my innate brilliance, develop my resilience and combine practical and cognitive insights and practices to embed this. Wendy is very professional, accomplished and has a deep knowledge of what she does. In her coaching, she uses a variety of tools and practices which combine to create a unique and truly powerful journey. Wendy has a gift for building the coaching relationship and has an insight into people which is at times uncanny. Her brand is very unique, creative and real. She is very strong and is able to hold space with courage, depth and humour. I found her coaching incredibly powerful. My time with Wendy touched me, kept me on track, enriched me, informed me and helped me see what else is possible.
    Roswitha Becker
    Executive Manager | Business Women of the Year (2015)
  • I signed up for Reconnect and Recollect because I was in search of discernment over personal matters that have been unresolved for years. I wanted to find answers which were true for myself. Before I joined Wendy on this exclusive VIP coaching and horse-riding weekend I was unsure of who I really was and where I began and where I ended! What I gained was a profound re-connection with my self, the answers I was looking for and the courage to make the decisions I knew I needed to make to bring love and life back into my life. Wendy is highly intuitive and she really found the right arrears to focus on over the course of the weekend. She helped me identify areas of myself I had hidden deep down and she helped me re-focus my energy on more positive aspects of myself. I would absolutely recommend Wendy and her Reconnect and Recollect Program to anyone who is looking to find a quiet, safe, loving place inside of themselves.
    Sarah-Jane Capazario
    BEE Consultant
  • My overall objective of having a work/position in sight has not been reached as I do not have an actual job looming BUT my second objective of being able to face an interviewer and future workplace from a wholesome, more authentic “me” HAS been reached. This secondary objective has actually made the first objective redundant. The objective of knowing what I want, recognising, accepting and appreciating all the aspects of me is an objective that has been not only reached but exceeded. I am embracing a “new me”.  This has put me in a strong position to look for a job with self-confidence and with a positive attitude. Wendy’s coaching has also empowered me to face rejection AND reach for more than I did before. In reaching this objective I have obtained more than I had envisaged: I am able to create my world how I would like it. As my coach, Wendy made this possible by asking the right questions at the right time. She helped me look at myself and my issues from "out of my own box", enabling me to give answers to myself. Wendy’s non-judgemental and "inviting", non-prescriptive approach helped me "ease" from one layer to the next. I would highly recommend Wendy and her sessions.
    Bee Luky
    PR and Marketing Manager
  • Wendy has been my coach for a number of years.  She has helped me stay focused, disciplined, to lead in new ways, to create balance and to acknowledge my inner self.  I can highly recommend Wendy to any executive who would like to better themselves and keep ahead of their game. Wendy is a professional coach with a clear coaching model, a resourceful coaching tool kit and a though understanding of human psychology and development.  She has the ability to ask incisive questions and get to the core of any issue. She is not side tracked by “executive talk” and has a great ability to handle complexity. Wendy operates as a thinking partner and has helped me stay on track with my objectives and achieve my goals.  Her regular Coaching Notes have allowed me to engage in a meta level reflection which has been hugely valuable. I truly believe that the coaching is contributing to the way I live my life. I experience that I can respond with more wisdom than being just a fighter pilot!
    Daan Maré
    Group CEO (Asset & Liability Management)
  • When I started the coaching process with Wendy I felt hopelessly locked into a single trajectory.  My life felt filled with things that I could not control with very little room for me.  I felt lost and nothing really seemed to be moving forward in my life. I was certainly not the master of my own journey. But the outcome of coaching was not what I expected. I thought I was going to get to some magical place and everything would just fall into place. What I really got was a better way to ask myself the important questions over and over. What do I want? Is this part of MY plan and not someone else’s? When am I listening to the wrong voice? When I use those powerful questions I can get back on track even when things are not going well. Wendy’s coaching helped me move forward, create boundaries, love myself more, forgive myself more often and choose what battles to fight. I was able to let go of SO much and created space for myself. I gained a different perspective and was able to challenge my current norm. This process gave me mental hand rails with which I was able to pull myself up from my current circumstance and look at the world beyond.   Wendy is a true agent of change.  She has always been a person to challenge the conventional and her core motivation is constant reinvention.
    Tom Tyson
    Digital Product / Remote Service Channel Manager
  • Before I started seeing Wendy I sat at a crossroad in my life - I would go through regular and intense bouts of dissatisfaction and frustration at the lack of fulfilment that I experienced with my work and career. I knew something needed to change but I didn't really know why, how, or what it even was that I wanted from my life. It was from working with Wendy and being facilitated by her coaching that I learnt a tremendous amount about myself. I began to feel an immense sense of empowerment as I explored and gained clarity and direction. Working with Wendy changed my life in an incredibly profound way! I believe I am now following my life's purpose and am in touch with my passion for life! I thoroughly enjoyed working with Wendy as her integrity and valuing of me as a unique and creative being shone through in all that she did with me. I am so grateful for her energy, her presence and her patience.
    Bevin Reynolds
    Hypnotherapist & Counsellor
  • I was referred to Wendy by a fellow lawyer and can wholeheartedly recommend her services. Having to juggle things like a master juggler and manage “the tyranny of the billable hour” were among the challenges that I bought into my Coaching Program with Wendy.  Having a focus and attention on my coaching objectives was helpful and I quickly started introducing highly effective practices and action steps.  This was fantastic! Wendy helped me make changes that allowed me to do more than “just cope”.  She mirrored back to me themes and patterns that were showing up in my life and work – right down to becoming more aware of the way I moved! This was highly insightful.  Coaching gave me the permission I needed to look at myself and my behaviour. It provided focus and another set of lens giving me a sense of perspective and allowing me to change some of my habitual scripts. I slowed down, felt more in control, more at ease, more comfortable in challenging work situations that before would cause me considerable stress. As profoundly, coaching gave me the space to reflect on parenting, family and relationship issues and, in that process, come up with new strategies which, while often small, had a surprising impact on the entire system. I am pleased that I made this investment and know it has enhanced my personal and professional resilience.
    Nicola Caine
    Director and Attorney
  • At the beginning of my coaching program with Wendy, I was l looking for a sounding board and mentor at a crucial juncture in my career. I decided to take on Wendy as my coach because I was very impressed by her outlook and coaching philosophy presented at the Fine Women Business Breakfast. During the coaching, I had the opportunity to explore my motivation for choosing to practice as an advocate and the passion which I have for my work. Wendy gently guided me along the path of following this passion for as long as I am in a position to do so. Coaching helped me reorient myself, and to become more clear and focused on where I was going and were I ultimately want to be. What changed was I found space to be fully heard, I have started meditating and finding room for simply being and doing nothing and I find that I am generally more grounded and confident in both work and social situations. I feel far better equipped to cope with challenges but still have much work to do going forward. Wendy was compassionate, inspiring and quietly challenging. She was a pleasure to work with.  I would highly recommend Wendy as a coach and mentor.
    Melanie Holderness
  • Coaching has given me more than I ever expected.  Although business coaching the coaching bridged what was happening for me personally and what I needed to develop. Working in this way gave me far more powerful tools than if we had just looked at the situational. Most sessions were about broader developmental themes which influenced smaller areas of my life and which I was able to integrate over the coaching programme. Each session I wondered what more we could possibly cover. I was always amazed that in session after session more layers were exposed and we unravelled so much more. I have realised that I can be who I am and that I am becoming more authentic as a leader which is very freeing. I no longer behave solely in the way I have am expected to. I feel I have moved in my power and that this is coming through in my persona and at work. At the beginning of the programme I was intent on doing what I had to do with numerous check lists. I did not give myself any space and have now created space to observe which is allowing me more choice in how to be and respond in the world. I feel much more balanced in my life. Before it was about being "in control"; now I feel I have more control. I am so grateful to Wendy, from the bottom of my heart, for all that she has helped me discover these past few months.
    Lei Lester
    Buying Manager
  • Meeting with someone who does not know you, who is neither a friend, partner or colleague has been most beneficial. I have been able to talk to Wendy, put things into words, think things through in a way that I would never have been able to without this listening "outsider" or thinking partner. I have been able to walk away and think differently. I have been able to find solutions in new ways. This has been hugely valuable. Wendy asked me questions I would never have thought of before and certainly never have taken the time to answer in such detail. The coaching gave me the space to be and think more creatively. When I presented a particular problem in a session, Wendy helped me come up with not just one option but a couple but without telling me what to do.  Instead of arriving back at work in "go mode" I allowed time for reflection. Wendy also helped me work with a number of assumptions. Having seen the way I was thinking in a new light, I was able to go in differently. I became more present. I didn't let my thoughts affect me and remained actively involved right until the last. Wendy helped me become much calmer. I now stop when I am faced with something and no longer feel so pressurised to make a decision. I will take time to think a thing through - even if I have to shut my door. I am less reactive.  This has been a very powerful experience for me and I would recommend Wendy highly as a Leadership Coach.
    Nicci Probert
    Designate Planning Manager
  • I started my coaching journey with Wendy approximately a year ago.  I had worked with 2 Executive Coaches before but I struggled to find a true connection with either.   My thinking and leadership skills have been greatly enhanced and I have a greater awareness of self.  Wendy is blessed with the ability to listen with compassion and is able to interpret my words and expressions in a simplistic manner.  I have learnt to appreciate and embrace the complexities of being a single mom and career woman.  I started working with Wendy at a time when I was ready to throw in the towel, I was doubtful about my leadership ability and Wendy helped me tap into my inherent greatness. My relationship with my family as well as with my colleagues has profoundly improved.  I am still on a journey of discovering my true purpose but what I know is that true leadership begins with looking deep inside myself and being aware of how my own actions can either enhance or hamper my growth. I finished my coaching with Wendy stronger, happier and more resilient because I understand that both my successes and failures have contributed positively to the dynamic  woman I am today.
    Glenda Williams
    Designate Planning Manager
  • I'd highly recommend Wendy to anyone seeking a highly professional, expert coach.  I chose Wendy as my personal coach from 2012 through 2013 and we had regular telephone / Skype coaching sessions that helped give me immense clarity and direction during a time of transition. Wendy is nurturing, yet challenging; structured yet creative; supportive yet helps you build your resilience, courage and confidence so that you know you are well-resourced to forge your way ahead.
    Katie Demain
  • Wendy set a very clear structure to each session, defining at the outset a brief summary of our goals, a check-in to see how and where those goals had matured or expanded and an examination of what had transpired in the previous session.  From the outset Wendy impressed me with her ability to listen and feed back with great accuracy.  I felt she used not only cognitive listening skills but also her empathetic skills.  There was a sense of safety and containment in the space Wendy provided.  I felt she built trust and intimacy organically, giving me the space to explore boundaries, share my thoughts and ideas and examine my emotional reactions. Wendy was particularly good and breaking down goals, providing very clear step by step action plans, without losing sight of what I ultimately wanted to achieve, making progress simple and contained. Wendy's feedback notes were clear and concise providing me with an accurate account of our previous session. I would highly recommend Wendy Ward as a coach as I feel that her very clear understanding of the process made for an exciting yet secure journey through growth.
    Marianne Boulle
    Marketing Manager
  • I decided to take on Wendy as my coach because I felt she could help me change the way I perceive myself and also help me put structure in my work life.  I read her profile and it was very powerful . Coaching helped me to know myself better; to be committed to self-improvement and to be the best I can be. Wendy believed in me from the minute she listened to my story and she never imposed her ideas on me.  During the coaching, I talked a lot! I poured my heart out and sometimes also my tears.  We would sometimes do breathing exercises which I found most amazing simply because they worked!  I was calmer and more relaxed.  What changed was the way I saw myself.  Over the months I became so much stronger and I could speak my mind more.  My public speaking skills improved as we did practice runs together and Wendy would be my audience.  Wendy would always smile and show a lot of happiness while I spoke.  This gave me a lot of encouragement.  In short, Wendy was awesome!
    Violette Mureko
    Fund Developer
  • I was looking for a greater understanding of myself, clarity, direction, a personal and professional vision.  I took on Wendy as my Happiness Coach as that was what I was after. Wendy came across as a reputable coach always pushing the envelope.  This was not always comfortable but necessary for my growth.  I really enjoyed Wendy’s energy. She helped my apply principles of resilience in my life.
    Rustim Ariefdien
  • What I hoped to gain from the coaching was access to my inner power to harness my full potential. Before I started the coaching sessions, I felt stuck. I was unable to successfully complete the projects that I had started, finding every reason to procrastinate or simply find something to distract me from dedicating myself to the completion of anything of great significance. Not because I did not have the ability to do so, but because I was afraid of how it would change my life. I wasn’t ready for a life changing experience. I didn’t know why and had to find out. During the coaching I was able to confront the barriers that kept me from realising my full potential. I left the 6 months with an incredible feeling of emancipation and enlightenment. I now approach the daily tasks and projects that I aim to accomplish in a strategic and organised manner. And use  various tools to keep myself on track. But most importantly, I now know that I deserve to experience the joy and satisfaction of accomplishing great things, I deserve to grow! Wendy skilfully, yet gently steered me in the right direction, offering and suggesting tools to assist me  on my journey. These tools I continue to use as they keep me grounded and focused.
    Anna-Marie Blumears
    Educational Consultant
  • I remember clearly being apprehensive at the beginning of our coaching process.  To my delight Wendy was  calming and re-assuring  just as I remembered from our first business meeting a few months earlier. My biggest concern at the time was settling into my new role in which I had about 5 different functions, which left me quite overwhelmed.  Problems with a particular staff member were causing me great stress. Wendy, with her guidance and being my “thinking” partner (pushing me to think) not only enabled me to grow personally but my business has grown from a 3 man office to 6 member team with two temp staff. We have not only grown in number but also have grown strong in our administration and systems. The bonus for me is that the one employee that was causing all my stress has blossomed beautifully in our new dynamic environment which is a testament to the ripple effect from our coaching sessions. Wendy’s  professionalism and genuine interest has made the journey easier - facing one’s demons is not exactly a garden tea party! Thank you Wendy – I will continue to recommend you highly.
    Joy Minnies
  • Wendy is one of the most passionate and intelligent people I know. Whatever she does she gives 100% and more. She is highly intuitive and has a deep knowledge of her work. In additional her humour and good spirits make it a pleasure to be with her.  I recommend her highly as an Executive Coach.
    Andrea Gastaud
    Specialised Recruitment, Executive Search and Headhunting
  • I have known Wendy since we studied together in 2010 for our Diploma in Practitioner Coaching. She was my coach for a while.  Wendy is one of the most thoughtful, fun and interesting people I know. Wendy – uniquely in my experience – combines a calm wisdom with supreme energy. She is very connected with her own emotions and sense of being and has an empathy for others that is rare in an individual, seemingly able to connect at any level with any person.  I recommend her without hesitation to anyone considering her services. She will not disappoint you.
    Ian James
    Programme Director
  • I started coaching with Wendy because I wanted to grow in the creative process, continue working on myself and become more awareness of my beliefs and patterns while working on my insecurities. During the coaching, I made big decisions and was able to feel comfortable with my decisions and not keep questioning them or myself.  What changed was that I have started playing to the beat of my own drum.  Wendy was very understanding, giving and I enjoyed working with her. She made it easy to want to open up and talk to her. I would say that overall my time with Wendy helped me make a very big decision in my life and own it and learn to trust myself more.
    Lauren Harris
    UK-based Singer and Actress

A Letter from a Previous Client who is Happy to Share Contents…

I feel as if this is just the beginning.  When I first called Wendy I was open to the process and gave myself the opportunity of doing this coaching programme for myself.  At the end of our coaching programme I can say I am a totally different person in terms of my being and who I am in the world.  There were a number of things holding me back – I don’t think I could even identify them.  There was a lot of fearfulness – now that is not an issue.

I feel as if I am operating on another level.  I can’t say how emancipating this has been. This is the emancipation of having the freedom to be honest with myself and others – without fear of judgement. It almost feels as if I have grown up! I am now the person responsible for my expectations.

Yes, there were moments of discomfort – but Wendy warned me of that – and I realised that it was part of the process.  Wendy asked questions you would not normally be asked or even ask yourself and then hear yourself think.  Wendy gave me confidential coaching notes between each session.  The fact that I now have access to these notes is so valuable.  This is a profound reflection and if it feels like I am slipping into old patterns I can look back on these notes and remind myself where I was and what I did.    They are good to have on hand – they tell me how far I have come.  I know I will need them when I am not in balance but as a result of the coaching I now have so many tools that I can self-right quite easily.

One of my great learnings was that everything that happens in my life impacts on the other.  For so long I was not conscious of this.  I was stifled and did not know why I was numbing myself, blocking myself from greater consciousness just to survive.   Now I realise the only way is to confront what I am facing – even if I do not know what that is.  Every week I found something that I was blocking.

Through the coaching process, I found a way to manage this.  Whenever I felt stifled again, I will delve into what is blocking me.  I will use the tools of reflection that I have learnt – or rather re-remembered: writing, journaling, meditation, slowing down, stepping back.  I let things go more easily.

I have learnt a lot about time.  When I first started coaching I wanted to split myself into hundreds of parts to manage.  I realise now that time is a concept or construct.  We need to be realistic about time and about what we can achieve at any one time. I have learnt to use my time wisely – by doing what is important. Before, everything was important. I was unable to distinguish between what was and what was not important. I had to do everything and everything had to be 100%.  Now, I open to the fact that there will always be a second chance.  You may not get something right the first time and that is ok.  Often I do get it right – but when I don’t my world does not fall apart – I just make sure to communicate that with others involved.  I no longer compare so much.  I am different from everyone else.  My situation is different. It is acceptable to make mistakes – the world won’t fall apart.  Before I was killing myself trying to achieve everything – there were many reasons but no excuses.  I have learnt to be lenient with myself.  This is such a relief.  Now I can breathe and live – and things get done, too!  This happens paradoxically when I am not rushing.  I still have stacks to do but the guilt is gone!  In the coaching, I was able to shine some light on this and see that my guilt sprung from feeling that I didn’t deserve anything else.  I certainly didn’t deserve to be happy.

Basically, I feel as if I am in a higher state of consciousness.  I have chosen another way of being.  And it is amazing how well I feel.   I sleep well.  I am well.  I am different!  I have found myself again.  I do what A-M enjoys. This is who I am. I do not feel sorry or guilty for this.  Just by my mere existence, I can give a gift to someone.

I realised that when I got married, I stopped doing all the things I enjoyed doing.  How mad is that? Being married and being a mother does not mean losing yourself and who you are! Now I am setting clear boundaries – I didn’t before because I didn’t even know where they were.  I have become a wonderful observer.

And this is what is so surprising:  my husband has changed because I have filled my own space.  He has found his own joy somehow by observing me find mine. I have been living my life for a change.  He is watching me and he sees that I am living.  Yes living!  And he has realised that he needs to live too. Everything that he is doing now, he is doing himself without me telling, nagging or pushing him to change.  I have wanted him to find his own peace, his own joy – for him to heal himself.  He has realised that.  He knows he needs to be responsible and I am not making his happiness my responsibility.

I am happy with me and with my place in the world. I am so happy just being me – my love for myself is sufficient – this makes me happy to be alive!  My children make me happy.  My other children make me happy.  I am not going to mope that I don’t have a romantic husband.  That is not there and that is ok.   Now, in my new found knowledge of myself – if I can not justify something to myself – I will not do it.  If I had died a year ago I would have been very sad because I wasn’t living my truth.  Now I am.  This is wonderful to me!

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