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Below you will find an array of media files including video clips, podcasts, articles and links that you will find informative and helpful of work that I have been involved in previously. There is also a full Press Kit available for download as well.

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What is Presilience?
Presilience is an optimal “state of being” which results in the ability to thrive and flourish in times of challenge, change and uncertainty through raising your Resilience, harnessing your Brilliance and cultivating your Presence.

Interview with AnYes van Rhijn
An interview by AnYes van Rhijn, life and business reinvention mentor at Success on your own terms ( and founder of the Women Who Make Things Happen Show.
Article for the South African Centre of Applied Psychology Annual Festival of Learning
Radio interview with Voice of the Cape
Guest Speaker at the Global Movement Summit – “Embodying Evolutionary Leadership – Being a Creative Alchemist for Good”
Guest speaker at a Partners for Possibility Event held at the University of Johannesburg for the Community of Learning Principals – “Teacher Support, Resilience and Well-Being”
Interview with Dr Katrina Burrus founder of MKB Conseil and Coaching – “Resilient Leadership

Article for Odyssey Magazine: “10 Keys to Building Resilience as a Business Owner”
Guest Speaker on Breakthrough To Success and Significance Summit
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Metamorphic Coaching and Leadership Video
VIDEO for the Women in Law and Leadership Summit 2015
VIDEO for Finding New Ways for Women to Lead in Law Conference 2016
Guest Speaker at the Global Movement Summit - Polarities: Navigating a new frontier

Polarities are interdependent pairs in which we live and that live in us. ~ Barry Johnson

Polarities: Navigating a new frontier

In this bold, kinda, all-encompassing conversation Wendy Ward founder of Presilience and I navigate the landscape of politics, education, consciousness, leadership, wealth, personal enrichment, and entrepreneurship to map out a navigational paradigm for the Nu World.

I love conversations that dive deep, cast light, shatter the darkness, and hold profound space. So when Wendy and I came together for this topic we knew we were touching the brim of something infinite.

Polarities are energy pairs we can leverage in order to achieve our preferred future faster with greater sustainability.  ~ Barry Johnson

Should any of you want to learn more about working with polarities as part of a key leadership skill to please contact The Coaching Centre (

Interested in learning more about your entrepreneurial game and the flow dynamics chart Wendy and I were chatting about?

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Investec Women In Law Panel - Cape Town 2016
Investec Women In Law Panel - Johannesburg 2016