Collaboration and Co-Creation

I would like to share what I call Synergy Stories on this page. These are stories about people, groups or organisations that I have engaged with in collaborative conversations and projects. People that I share a relationship with personally and professionally. Watch My Blog where I will be featuring Praise Songs, sharing celebrations and writing more about the extraordinary things that happens when two or more individuals get together and choose to create together for the highest good.
The deeper territory of leadership is collectively listening to what is wanting to emerge in the world and then having the courage to do what is required.

Joe Jaworski


Meet Amanda Lamond

CILLOGOFINAL Amanda Lamond is the Founder and Director of the Centre for Integrative Law.  Read about Amanda’s story by clicking on the CIL logo.
CIL Session

Women in Law and Leadership Summit hosted by CIL together with UCT Law @ work in 2015

WOLELA was born out of this Summit. I co-facilitate the Johannesburg WOLELA Sessions with Leonie Ellis.

WOLELA is a national network of women lawyers committed to their personal and professional development. Lawyers who join the network sign up for a year long process in a new paradigm of leadership development for the legal profession: integrative and authentic female leadership. This process takes place in 10 evening sessions held once a month over the course of the year as well as in formal and informal conversations and networking opportunities between sessions.

Find out more about WOLEA by clicking here

Women in Law and Leadership Summit 2015


Finding New Ways (For Women To Lead In Law) Conference 2016


Yolanda and Wendy 1
Yolanda and Wendy 2

Meet Debby and Dunne Edelstein

NL Debby and her husband have a passion for unleashing the wisdom of crowds and creating spaces where leaders explore and learn together in preparation for personal action.  Their annual Women’s Leadership Conference has acquired a reputation for being the most dynamic conversation of women leaders in the country.  Debby believes that “when people connect, the world changes”.

Find out more about this conference by clicking on the WLC Logo.

Find out about Debby by clicking here.

Debby introduced me to her WeLead Circle last year. This is a peer-to-peer network exclusively for women leaders. Each month we met together to share ideas, brainstorm, coach and help each other to leverage our true leadership potential. Experiencing this was exciting and a living example of mutually benefiting from the collaborative insights and network of a powerful, brilliant mastermind of women leaders. I can feel a Praise Song coming on!

Find out about WeLead Circles by clicking here.

Meet Magdalena Zukowski

Lena PictureLena Ski has been my coach for a number of years.  She has set out in this life to be part of building a purpose-centred-economy. With quiet determination, a handful of big bold dreams, and an unshakable commitment to meeting her moment and living courageously she also supports other purpose-centred-entrepreneurs, like myself, in their quest to greatness, boldness, truth.  I love this woman!   Our relationship has evolved into more of a collaboration game. I am part of her Intuitive CoLab, which is a cross between a mastermind group, a think tank and a leadership circle.  Again, it all about the capacity we have to promote the growth in others as a group. We gain and grow. We ebb we flow! And something new is born.  Again, watch this space for Praise Songs!

Lena is the producer and hostess of the Global Movement Summit  and creatrix of the Global Movement Incubator.  This is super stellar stuff.  I was a guest speaker on the Global Movement Summit.  You can listen to my interview with Lena on the Media Page by clicking here.

She is calling all trail-blaizers and illumineers to make the shift, incubate new ideas and damn well make things happen. And believe me, when you hang around Lena, things happen!

Here is where Lena and I cross pollinate.

Polarities are interdependent pairs in which we live and that live in us. ~ Barry Johnson

Polarities: Navigating a new frontier

In this bold, kinda, all-encompassing conversation Wendy Ward founder of Presilience and I navigate the landscape of politics, education, consciousness, leadership, wealth, personal enrichment, and entrepreneurship to map out a navigational paradigm for the Nu World.

I love conversations that dive deep, cast light, shatter the darkness, and hold profound space. So when Wendy and I came together for this topic we knew we were touching the brim of something infinite.

Polarities are energy pairs we can leverage in order to achieve our preferred future faster with greater sustainability.  ~ Barry Johnson

Should any of you want to learn more about working with polarities as part of a key leadership skill to please contact The Coaching Centre (

Interested in learning more about your entrepreneurial game and the flow dynamics chart Wendy and I were chatting about?

Check out the program launching Feb here:

Play with us here:

Meet Yolanda  Brand

YolandaI met Yolanda through my Intuitive CoLab circle! Well what do you know!  And we started working together after she kindly offered me a gift of her services. She is the cat’s whiskers!  I love her creativity, her mind and her passion!  Check out her Website here.. Yolanda has worked on all the design features of this website. It has been AMAZING working with her. Check out my Slideshare Presentation. This is Yolanda's work. And of course the Headers and Event Banners are all her and I doing the synergy dance.

South Africans can also contact Yolanda for her ZAR Package Pricing list.

Meet Liane Huesmann

I needed a photographer.  As you do.  The story goes like this… New to Joburg I was invited to a social event by an awesome lady I have met once before.  Joburg is like that – peeps invite you when you are new in town. As I was driving I said to myself, I would like to meet “my” photographer today.  And I did.  There was no doubt from the minute that we were introduced to each other that we liked each other. The minute I found out what she did for a living, that was it! But it wasn’t a deal that was done.  It was a collaboration that is still in the making.  We organised a shoot and ended up in Maboneng having the best day ever. Read more about Liane Kim Photography by clicking here.

Here are a few pictures that remind me of this day!  Well we could hardly NOT include these gorgeous men in our shoot!  Deborah Darling, the other lady in the pic, is up next!
Builders #4
Builders #1
Builders #2
Builders #3

Meet Deborah Darling

I met Deborah at a party. Her day job differs entirely from her passion. Her passion is style. While she has never earned a living as a stylist, she has apparently played this role for her friends for many years. But there are three other things you should know about Deborah. First, she is a granny; second, she is a remarkably stylish woman - as I am sure you can tell - and third, she has recently started modelling! Woo hoo! She has recently stared in a Rap video.

So I introduced Deborah to Liane and we invited her to come along to my shoot. That way, Deborah got some exposure with Liane, Liane got to take photos that she could talk about on her various platform, and I got to benefit from a personal stylist for the day! And now, Deborah, Liane and I are having conversations about what we can create together!

So here is a mock-up of what collaboration can look like…

Meet the Thought Leaders Academy

This year I was invited to apply to join the TLA and delighted to have been accepted!  This is my most recent collaboration.  Have a look by clicking here.