1st Mar 2017
Why So Serious?
  Lightness of being helps you become a light in the world! We take life seriously. Too seriously sometimes.   I am not talking about the times when we are being serious about something we value deeply – times when we feel on purpose, in our element, paying attention to detail and fully engaged.   I am talking about times when we get stressed about things that are not that important but that we have made important for the wrong reasons. You know the times? When our shoulders start to hunch and we lose our sense of humour? Times when our attention moves between the pile of bills and the […]
6th Jul 2016

Saint and Saviour

When you think you have employed some one to help you set up a new website and realise you have a hired a saint. I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag, but…. Shawn Fouche is the bees knees, the ellipsis to my ignorance, the man who wins the crown for patience, pragmatism and creativity.  Yes, all three of those qualities, and so many more, all in one Engineer! So who is Shawn Fouche and why am I writing my first ever Presilience Blog about him?  This is what Shawn says about himself: I am an engineer by profession and […]