About Us

Coaching is About Us!

Coaching is a relationship. It is a partnership. Is is about the container that is built between you and me. It is a transformative, co-creative process. So let’s talk about US. We will take it one step at a time. You are in control! There is always a starting point – so if your head, heart or gut is calling you to this work, don’t hesitate to contact me. But then there will come a commitment point – where we get down to business and decide on the nature of our relationship – what we are committing to.

This is what a more typical Coaching Program looks like:

  • Chemistry Conversation
  • Coach Readiness Questionnaire
  • Introductory Coaching Questionnaire
  • Payment Process and Intake Session confirmed
  • Intake or Opening Session
  • Regular Coaching Sessions
  • Inter-Session Coaching Communication and Confidential Coaching Notes
  • Mid-way Review
  • Regular Coaching Sessions
  • Inter-Session Coaching Communication and Confidential Coaching Notes
  • Completion Process and End-of-Coaching Review

But, equally, it could look like this:

You and I work together exclusively for a morning, a day or even a weekend.  I have even launched an offering recently where we journey together into the bush and combine horse-riding and coaching.  Now that is quite intense and not for the faint-hearted.  But it is a powerful option if it appeals!!

Start thinking about some of these questions

  • Would you prefer to work with me 1:1 and if so would you prefer a short or long impact coaching program?
  • Are you after a once-off, intensive and powerful VIP Coaching Session, either half day or full day? If you are not sure, we can talk about this. Drop me a message now.
  • If you are part of a group would you like me to develop a program for your group?
  • Would you like me to speak at your Event?
  • Can I present to your team? What are the exact needs of your team? How can I help you achieve your team End Results?
  • Do you want to know any more about my Upcoming Events? These are incredible programs which I am hosting throughout the year? You can book directly online!
  • Would you or a small “executive” group like to join me on a unique, custom-designed coaching and horse-riding road trip into the bush? This is beautiful and intensive work – my most intimate space – but truly transformational.
  • Where are you physically? How comfortable are you with Skype sessions?
  • Would an Online Presilience Program suit you better?
  • What feature of Presilience resonates with you – which of the three Dashboards holds the most appeal?
  • Do you want to join the Presilience Community? If so, don’t forget to join here.
  • Have you picked up my free e-Guide? Don’t forget! I would love to hear your comments and feedback!
My work is highly flexible and models resilience. I cannot and would not consider super imposing a program on you, your team, your organisation without fully appreciating what it is you are looking for. That takes a conversation. So, let’s have a conversation.

Let’s connect for a Chemistry Conversation

While you are busy connecting, why not also:
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Are you ready?  Are we are good fit?

This is what we explore in a Chemistry Conversation. Are you ready for coaching?  Is coaching what will best serve you?  If so, what program would be best for you? Are we a good fit?  I will always tell you if I don’t think this is the case or if I feel you will be better served by a different coach.

This is my Coach/Client Readiness Questionnaire.

Have a glance.
Please tick appropriate answer to questions below No Yes Not sure
Are you searching for new levels of success and happiness?
Are you willing and open to take bold risks and courageous steps towards greater success and happiness?
Are you open to exploring and transforming limiting beliefs and patterns holding you back from achieving this?
Are you ready for change and for honest conversation?
Are you aware that change is uncomfortable and prepared to move out of your comfort zone?
Are you ready to ask what will happen if you don’t make changes and what will be painful about your future if you keep on doing things in the same way you always have?
Do you often feel time running away with you? Is this overwhelming at times?
Are you struggling to pause, slow down and find the space to reflect and become more mindful?
Do you want to explore a new and deeper vision for yourself personally?
Do you want to explore a new and deeper vision for yourself professionally?
Are you prepared to examine your life and paradigms from new perspectives?
Do you sense a looming gap between the highest potential you see for your life and the way your life is showing up on a day to day basis right now?
Despite your achievements, do you still feel restless for something more?
Do you sometimes feel a subtle yet persistent anxiety or depression in spite of the possibilities you can see for yourself?
Do you want to “show up” in a more authentic way?
Have you had a recent “wake-up call” or do you feel you are “awakening” to something new?
Do you yearn for more connectedness, community and conversation, relatedness, contribution, intimacy and self-expression?
Do you wish to foster greater resilience and well-being?
Are you keen to access more of your innate brilliance and work with your strengths?
Are you aware of your signature presence and the impact of this on others?
Are you keen to harness more of your innate and collective intelligence?      
Do you think that co-partnering with a coach can empower you with the above?
Are you prepared to trust your coach fully to hold a safe and confidential container?
Are you prepared to be held accountable by your coach?
Are you prepared to be challenged by your coach to focus on areas that you may be ignoring either consciously or unconsciously?
Do you believe you are creative, resourceful and whole – able, with the support of your coach, to find the solutions you need?
Are you prepared to be on time and fully prepared for your coaching sessions?
Are you happy to review work with your coach regularly, suggest changes and give your coach feedback?
Are you prepared to commit fully to working towards your goals and objectives and to doing the necessary homework and observation practices in between sessions?
Are you prepared to alert your coach to any personal or professional event that may compromise your work together?
If you experience great results, will you be prepared to endorse and/or refer your coach to others?